Seamless – Cassette/digital release on Case Records

This is not music, it´s storytelling without words. You might think it’s a field recording from the future until you hear ghostly images from the centuries before us, haunting the narrative. You are trapped in Borgan`s sonic maze, oscillating between timezones and technologies, from analog synths to the digital haze of contemporary life, and you feel it all pass by as memory glitches: Stockhausen, 70s psychedelia, then something reminiscent of the baroque instruments, as if Mozart was playing his spinet in a robotic reincarnation, then droning helicopters hovers around you, could be urban police squads hunting looters and rioters, and you hold your breath, as if the subconsciousness of the pandemic is floating through the air, spreading its omnipresent fear. And the field recording shifts to the microbiology of virus trapped in a Chinese laboratory planning its escape, and you hear the alarms bells, and you now you are hallucinating, the virus gonna fuck up your language, your words and linguistic reflexes in the search for a deeper meaning in it all – this record is a conspiracy of sounds – recorded at the edge of language. It’s a requiem for something that never existed.

– Thomas Kvam


released January 1, 2022

Music by Arne Borgan

Mastered by Ernst Van Der Loo

Cover by Carsten Aniksdal

Sonar – The soundtrack for an animation movie by Torgeir Husevaag

Soundtrack for the animation movie Sonar from the exhibition Forplantninger by Torgeir Husevaag at the gallery Contemporary Art [Oslo.]

The exhibition is open from 6. mai to 6. juni 2021.
Akersgata 1, 0158 Oslo.

Illustration by Torgeir Husevaag from the movie Sonar.


released May 6, 2021
Soundtrack by Arne Borgan.
Mastered by Ernst van der Loo.

Notes from a time travel – Digital release on Case Records

As time passes the travel feels more real.


released June 5, 2020

All tracks by Arne Borgan
Mastering by Ernst van der Loo
Foto and cover design by Arne Borgan

This album is released by CASE RECORDS.

Asterion – CD/Digtal release on Tipi Token Records



Merchants of air

Son of flies

Gonzo Circus



released January 26, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Arne Borgan in Brugata 3 and 17, Oslo, Norway
Produced by Marius Sortland Myklebust
Mastered by Marius Sortland Myklebust and Eldar von Essen at Weightless Sound, Norway
Cover photo by Eva Storevik Tveit
Additional photography by Arne Borgan
Cover design by Arne Borgan and Vektlös Creative

This album is released by TipiToken Records