Helt enkelt komplisert.
Galleri Hi 10, Skien. 01.10-23.10 2022
wHelt enkelt komplisert.
Galleri Hi 10, Skien. 01.10-23.10 2022
with Annika Simonsson and Lars-Erik Svensson.
Sound piece in the installation. 5.1 speaker system, multiple players making a 15 min ever changing loop .

Du skulle vise meg verden, men så blendet du meg isteden.
Østfold Kunstsenter. Fredrikstad. Norway. 26.03-29.05 2022.
364 drawings A4. 43 min, 8.1 ambisonics soundpiece.

Nordmarka Noir.
Kikutstua, Oslo. 25.06-15-12 2018
with Mads Olsson, Tor-Bjørn Adelgren and hans Arentz.
Charcoal and coffe on paper, 21×29,7 cm

Arne Borgan
Visningsrom 1.
House of Foundation, Moss. 27. FEBRUAR – 27. MARS 2016.
Graphite on paper. Ink on cardboard. Interactive sound installation.
An installation in 3 parts.

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– Graphite drawings made by sound from the sub-speaker vibrating the graphite into the paper. Frequencies played by Arne Borgan on a BC-8 from Chimera Synthesis.
– Sound installation with two sub speakers. The public triggering sounds edited from the drawing sessions by touching the conductive ink on the pidestal.  Sounds triggered by using two Bare Conductive arduino Touch Boards.
– Ink drawings. Collage with automatic ink drawings on cardboard.

Science is Friction.

Solo Exhibition at Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden.
11/2 – 4/3 2012

Science is friction.
Text by Kjetil Røed.

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C-Print, 50×70 cm. 2012.


C-Print, 30×40 cm. 2012.


C-Print, Collage. 30×30 cm. 2012.

“Another Cut-Out Toy for Boys and Girls”.

Black ink on paper. 30×40 cm. 2012.

A Cat and A Bat. The Lovebirds”.
30×40 cm, C-Print. 2012.

“A Cat and a Bat, Bats are from caves, cats are from…”.
DVD, 8 minutes, stereo.
Videostills. 2012.

“Skrik. En utstilling om frykt” Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium 2011.

Operation N1.

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Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway. 18 june to 5 july, 2009.
Installation with objects and photo.

Text only in Norwegian at the moment, sorry.

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The impossibility of getting used to constant resurrections.
Akerhus Kunstnersenter, 03.29 to 04.04, 2008. Lillestrøm, Norway,
Installation with video, sound, drawings and photo.
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“When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth”. Installation in a locked up room.
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Videostills from “Zombies! Staging a feast for your eyes”. DVD, 18 minutes, 4 channel sound.

Excerpt from “Zombies! Staging a feast for your eyes”

The Monolith Monologue, 2006.

E nter ye all by this door.
(1) This is the gate of heaven.
(2) Please remove all your
clothes when the lights go out!
(3) Run like Hell!

This installation was in the exhibition called “Scandinavian Spastic” in oslo from 16 June to 9 july.
MONOLITH: Cardboard boxes with chalk board paint, color pencil and laquer. Cut out letters in paper and cut out stones from plastic carpets.

Bastard Child, 2006.
“Stalagmite Tentacles In The Middle Of The Night”.

UKS, The Young Artists Society, Oslo. 9 february – 12 february 2006.
This is the exhibition I did at UKS this february as a part of their “THE OUTSKIRTS” program this spring.

This is part three of my “The Comic Book Backfire Project
“Everything included” could be the title of the show as it had all my favorite desires included… well, almost.
The installation at UKS also functioned as a stage where Bastard Child, the masked man, wearing his heart upon his sleeve, improvised sound all 4 days the exhibition lasted. Thank you Mr BC!
C(l)ues and themes:
– A game never played.
– The Seven Seas.
– Vanishing Point.
– Slowly calculating the risk of being banal.
– Narcomedusa 1083.
– And finally Blue Dog. (He first showed up at “Frame, Green Fields and The Devil” in my last exhibition.
(He is the blue shiny fly you will find if you keep looking).


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